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                August 25th, 2007

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SO how did he propose? 

I was on my 3-month long BIOC course at Fleet School in Quebec City, with only one week left to go.  I had decided to stay in QC for Easter Weekend, so Luc's sister, Brigitte, called from Montreal to ask if I wanted to have lunch with her on the Friday afternoon. We agree, through voicemail, to meet in the lobby of the Chateau Frontenac, so that we can easily find each other.

Friday arrives and itís a beautiful day, so I head out a little early to enjoy the sun and warm weather. Believe me, the sun is revered after a Quebec winter!  And Luc had spent three months rubbing in the fact that Victoria's 'winter' had nothing to do with cold and snow.  As I turned the corner around the Chateau on the boardwalk, my cell phone rang and it was Luc.

"Hey there. I am just at the Frontenac now. Its beautiful out so I came a bit early to meet your sister."
"Nice. Its really beautiful here too..."
"Stop right there. I donít want to hear about any 18C weather in Victoria. Its sunny here but not that warm yet...."

Then I turned around. And there he was. Looking ravishing in his suit and tie, waltzing up to me with his cell phone at his ear.

I ran over and gave him a huge hug and kiss, so happy he was there. But completely in shock. Then, he pulled out a ring box and nearly blinded me with a brilliantly sparkling diamond ring, and proposed.

I said yes of course, and we had a wonderful weekend together. It was fabulous. He had booked a room at the Chateau were we lived like royalty for two days - room service, 5 course dinner in the Chateau restaurant (he had even packed a dress and shoes for me!!!), and a whole lot of "us" time.

But of course, then he was back to Victoria, while I dragged myself through my last week on the course before heading home to Victoria to pack for two weeks in Spain. He was originally going to propose in Spain, but felt it was too predictable. And besides, Quebec City was where we fell in love almost two years ago, so it was only fitting.

I could tell you more, but those are the private details, so I will leave it there. Regardless, we were and still are thrilled. And now, the wedding approaches.....


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