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                August 25th, 2007

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Her Majesty's Canadian Ship YORK

YORK holds special significance to me, as it is the Naval Reserve Division where I joined the forces and was sworn in as a Commissioned Officer on the 31st of March 2005. However, it is also the division where my father joined the Navy almost exactly 43 years earlier, on the 30th March 1962 before heading off for basic training at Cornwallis.  Thus, it seemed the perfect choice to remember Dad on my wedding day.

The reception will be held on board the Empire Sandy, but for those who want to continue socializing in true naval fashion, we will head to the Officer's Mess at HMCS YORK.  This will be a completely casual end to the evening, with no schedule or rules...ok, no one is allowed to get arrested!  But other than that, just a relaxed few hours to complete what we hope will have been a fabulous day!

And best of all, its just a quick $4.00 cab ride from the ship!

HMCS YORK is located on Lakeshore Blvd across from Fort York and the Prince's Gates of the Canadian National Exhibition.  The driveway is in between the renovated Tip Top Tailors and Coronation Park.  See the blacked area with the red dot on the map below. 


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